Saturday, August 27, 2011

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A Look Back...

Since I did not post while I was pregnant I wanted to put those 9 months within one post... I will try not to make this too lengthy...

We found out we were pregnant on our 2 year wedding anniversary, and we were sooo excited to finally become parents, even if we still had to wait til July! I was VERY fortunate and thankful to not be sick AT ALL during my pregnancy. I ate pretty much whatever I wanted and it didn't seem to affect me or him. I also only gained 12 lbs total, which was AMAZING! I always thought I would be the girl who would gain 75lbs and never lose it, which scared me to death because I wasn't a toothpick to begin with! lol If every pregnancy could be like this one I would have many more, but sadly every pregnancy is different and I probably won't be so lucky next time! It took me quite a while before I started showing, I felt like I would never look pregnant and just look fat. I remember sitting in the OB waiting room and seeing all the ladies there with their nice round baby bumps, and I told my Mom I couldn't wait to look like that!! I took my first "baby bump" picture when I was 24 weeks and became obsessed with my belly, so every Sunday I took a pic to see how big I was getting... and well you can see for yourself:

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

It's been a long time...

WOW! So much has changed since June 2010! To sum most of it up, here is a list...

1) Jerry is still working on the road,(currently in Iowa) so no permenant job yet, I'm beginning to think "permanent isn't in the Nuclear vocabulary! haha

2) We celebrated another year of wedded bliss, bringin us up to a whopping 2 years!! OH YEAH!

3) We found out we were pregnant with our first child on that 2nd anniversary! I used my handy dandy tool from nursing school and found out our baby would be due on Jerry's 27th birthday! So I ran upstairs and put the pregnancy test on his chest early that morning and began to sing Happy Birthday to him, he woke up with a confused look and said it wasn't his birthday, and I said... Well I figured we should celebrate today because we may not have time to celebrate yours this year because we may be celebrating someone elses! He then realized the test was on his chest and jumped out of the bed! WE WERE SOO HAPPY! We called our mothers and told them in the same way by asking if they were available that night to celebrate Jerry's birthday because we wouldn't have time on his actual birthday! Needless to say they were ECSTATIC!

4) We found out our lil bundle of joy was a BOY on February 26th! Let the shopping begin!!

5) Adriel Quin Spann was brought into this world on July 16th at 11:38pm, and has changed everything in our lives for the better!

I came back to blogging because I have a HORRIBLE memory, and thought this would be a great way to look back and remember Adriel's lil moments... so stay tuned... I will be posting here and there (probably once a week) about life as Adriel's Mommy!!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

It's getting closer...

So we have two more days before we will be on a CRUISE! I aboslutely can not believe it.. I am in soo much denial I have yet to pack anything! haha I made a list but no packing as of yet! I think I pack better when under pressure, and plus if I pack too early then I have to unpack certain things and would more than likely forget to REPACK them! lol Wow, crazy, I know! haha
We are leaving Friday morning around 6am and driving to Charleston, SC. We will "depart" at 4pm.. and once I step foot on the boat I am considering myself on "ISLAND TIME". No more hurrying to get anywhere except back on the boat after our excursions.. lol My cell phone will not be on, although I MAY check email and that sort of thing in the computer room, but even that may have to wait. I am soo looking forward to this vacation and not worrying about anything while I am gone! :)
OH MY GOODNESS.. I almost forgot! Jerry and I have AWESOME NEWS!! haha No we are def not preggers (seems like that is all that people think about when I say I have news these days).. but this is something we have been praying about for some time now! To make a long story kinda short.. he was going to be leaving June 21st for training for a new company in Alabama and then would have two weeks home, then would be flown out to Nebraska until September.. ugh! Meanwhile the lady, who does the staffing at a local nuclear plant, calls and says she put his name in for this summer job. We were excited but.. knew it may not happen so he went on with this idea of a new company. So I asked him today if he had heard anything about the local job, he said no, maybe I should call. So he did and was offered a FULL TIME PERMANENT job here locally with Catwaba Nuclear Station!! woot woot! Which means no more out of town trips unless I kick him out for awhile! lol We are soo stoked!! It will be weird to finally have him back.. I thought I would never see this day... it is all coming together now though! We wanted him to be local so when we had children he would actually be a part of their day to day lives instead of being a once a month dad! So YAY GOD!!

Couldn't end this blog on a happier note than giving God praise for his continual blessings!!

~Mrs. Spann~

Monday, June 7, 2010

It's been a while...

Wow! First things first.. a more recent picture of us...

So, I completely forgot about this thing until a while back and promised myself I would start blogging regularly, and, well we see that DID NOT happen! So so so much has happened since September 2009, that I could never remember it all! So I am going to pick up with where we are today and maybe along the way I will throw in the other things that transpired during that long period of non-blogging! :)

Jerry has worked out of town a lot more this year than in the past, which has taught me several things" a) I miss him SOO MUCH when he is gone; b) I rely on my dog, Shasta for protection c) I am very thankful for my close friends and family an.d FINALLY... d) Retail therapy is an AWESOME pick me up when u miss someone, haha. Yes, I am a spoiled brat, I admit it, but I did not spoil myself, now did I? hehe

On a very happy note we are leaving in 3 days to go on our first CRUISE! We w
ill be traveling with our good friends, Chris and Angela and their two awesome girls, Caiti and Cassie, whom are "Cruisin Pros" so I have no doubt we will have an awesome time! Stay tuned for details and pictures!!

I am extremely tired and just wanted to quickly post this, so Goodnite and will definitely be blogging soon!! Nite :)

~Mrs. Spann~

Friday, September 11, 2009

Our first post!

Yay for our first post! I have been wanting one of these, to spill all my guts out to the rest of the world, for a long time now! haha But in all seriousness... My name is Lauren and I will probably be doing most if not all of the blogs. I am happily married to my best friend, Jerry. We were married on November 22nd, 2008, so our one year anniversary is just around the corner. We began dating December 26th, 2003, and were engaged February 11th, 2006. It's been a rollercoaster ride full of sad and happy emotions through the years, but I am extremely happy to say he is my husband, and wouldn't have it any other way! He is my best friend and the one I confide in... I don't know what I would do if I couldn't talk to him. He knows me inside and out, as I do him, but of course we both have a lot of learning to do!
We are firm believers in CHRIST! He is the center of our marraige and the Head of our home! We would not be who we are today without his hand guiding and leading us! We are faithful members at Daystar FWC Church of God. We stay very active at our church, and love it! I also sing on the Praise Team, and am the Youth Drama Team leader. I love working for the Lord. Jerry, DOES NOT sing on the Praise Team, haha because well... "he can't carry a tune in a bucket". But I still love him!

We have three FURRY children.. Shasta, our first child is a "grey" pitbull. We got her a few weeks after we started dating, so she has been there through it all.. and she swears she is a human! We "rescued" two kittens last July at our friends house. It seemed as though someone had dropped them off, so we took them home with us.. and their names are Nala and Kilala. They are so spoiled that if we ever had to get rid of them... they probably wouldn't survive without our love.

We have been getting many queries as to when we will be with-child.. haha, and all I have to say about that is.. Man, cant we be married for a little while?! I love kids and anyone who knows me or even sees me in public would know that. (I get that from my wonderful mother) I am constantly toting someone elses kids with me, because that's what I love to do. But to answer the question... in reality we would like to have a home of our own and be settled in before trying, but as I have said plenty of times before "whenever God wants to bless us with children.. I will take them!". People have told spoke twins over us.. and it's hilarious to see Jerry swirm about that. I have had this "aching womb look" for quite a awhile now, but have put my feelings and wants to the side because I only want the best for my children, and having a child in a 2 bedroom apartment that we are already busting at the seams in, would not be suffice. So... stay tuned and maybe you will see a baby ticker in the future!!

I could probably write about our lives all day long, but then I would not have anything to talk about the next time! So in closing.. I hope you enjoy reading our blog and learning more about us.. or just stalking us! lol

Hope everyone has a greet weekend and God Bless!